Shadowrun Anonymous

Skin is the new black
The Meet

Gamemaster note: Some license has been taken with game history here, but I'm sure you'll forgive.  It simplifies matters somewhat, and I'm sure there will be greater infractions of game justice down the track.

Our journey begins in a bar.  An ordinary bar.  In an ordinary street, in an ordinary city on an ordinary day.  It might have been on a Saturday, but it was hard to tell, because the patrons of the bar were the ordinary patrons of the bar.  There was the ordinary number of patrons consuming the ordinary array of  beverages from ordinary glasses of dubious hygiene.  

Five ordinary members of Seattle's seedy underbelly gathered together under the auspices of an ordinary reunion.  Or business meeting.  Or whatever it is nowadays which ordinarily involve the grouping of a sixteen year old girl with a good portion of the world's acne, the most beautiful elf in town, and another with serious skin tone and larynx problems, a dwarf with some serious tech protruding from the back of his head, and a man.  The man was ordinary.

The group was present at the behest of Jimmy Two Fingers.  Jimmy had a client, and the client had needs.  The client wanted a sensitive job handled, and Jimmy was the man in the know.  Jimmy knew people.  Lots of people.  Well he claimed he did, and that was good enough for the client.  Jimmy had reached out to several of his friends.  Jimmy claimed everyone was his friend until they… well you never really found out what happened with people who weren't Jimmy's friend anymore.

The group in the bar didn't include Jimmy.  He was being friendly elsewhere.

The handsome elf was the one most familiar with Jimmy.  He liked to think of Jimmy as A godfather, but not his Godfather, if you get my meaning. Giovanni's Mediterranean heritage and accent  had made Seattle's Family accessible to him, and his knowledge of all things Mafia was highly commendable if you can commend that kind of thing.  Giovanni hadn't met the other members of the group before.  He didn't think they knew each other either. 

Zer0 was the elf with the less fortunate skin.  His allergy to sunlight was inherited, but his cough was for show.  Sometimes he forgot to bring his cough, but most people didn't notice that when they were at the wrong end of his rifle.  The people who did notice he'd forgotten 'the voice' generally found themselves at the wrong end of the rifle after the fact, so didn't notice for long.  Aside from his skin, his hair was odd.  This included his eyebrows and neckbeard.  They were a greenish tint.  And this wasn't the most un-nerving thing about him.  It was the way he moved.  He was downright creepy.  It was like he was driven by single speed servos.  The movement would be on or off, but there was nothing in between.  If you were about to engage him in conversation you would expect to hear him speak in monotone.  After you heard him speak, you wished it had been.  

Under most circumstances, a teenage girl in a bar surrounded by men would be cliched, but this teenager was a nerd of the highest order.  Retina had brought her computer to the bar.  Jimmy's standards of friendship were all encompassing, however, so nobody dared voice their objections.  

Everybody knows dwarves like taverns, bars and pubs, and "Hammer Thief" was not an exception to the rule.  Unfortunately the bar was fresh out of panel beating tools, so HT could concentrate on the matters at hand.  Matters were serious.  Nobody was smiling; this was business after all.  Ale was essential for business dealings, and HT made sure he was as professional as they came.  The bar served ale glasses sized middies, schooners, pints, litres and dwarven gallons.  Dwarven business etiquette dictated that HT use both hands to wield his glass so that his axe or hammer were not held.  Etiquette had saved thousands of lives over the years.  As the group's designated driver, HT needed to maintain his professional image, and adherence to etiquette was a big part of that.

I lied.  Maverence wasn't an ordinary man at all.  I mean he looked for all intents and purposes like he was ordinary.  He could have passed for an auditor at a stockbroker insurance corporation if he had worn a suit.  He made grey look interesting.  Maverence could well have been the median human being in every respect, except that he had no soul.  Well nearly no soul.  I mean, he was technically alive, and technically did all the things human beings did, but there was just something wrong with him.  Cybernetics sometimes did that to people.  Maverence was close to overdoing the 'enhancements', and it affected his capacity to engage with people.  It was a good thing he had friends like Jimmy.  At least he didn't move like Zer0.  I mean Maverence was creepy, but not Zer0 creepy.

Jimmy had asked them to get to know each other.  There wasn't much conversation.  Trust was a problem.  Each had an angle on he impending job, and everyone knew it.  They all wanted cash, and they all wanted to not be knifed for their cut of it  Not that they knew what the job entailed yet.

The Group's comlinks simultaneously received an incoming conference call from Jimmy Two Fingers.
"Good Evening my Friends", he rasped.
General mumbles.
"I hope you've been getting to know each other.  OK, my client is Ms Johnson, and she will meet you at XXXXXX


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